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What our clients say

21 Day Total Reset Cleanse

“The scale has been stuck for me. Hasn’t moved in months even when I was getting up for boot camp every morning at 5 AM. I’m down 2 lbs as of today and I started last Sunday. I’m ecstatic and I feel good!!! My sugar tooth is gone - strawberries are doing it for me for sweetness. I think this is a lifestyle our family could maintain consistently with a few indulgences along the way! Thank you for helping me and my family get back on track!!! 😘” -Andrea H.


“This is my second cleanse with Lisa. Going into my first one, I had absolutely no intention of changing my coffee habits after the cleanse was over. It was the reason I got out of bed, and I also think there are a lot of health benefits to coffee, so it wasn't a big goal of mine to stop drinking it. After the cleanse was over, and I went back to drinking it, I realized it made me feel shaky - hadn't noticed that before. And, I lost that feeling of "I can't get out of bed until I smell the coffee brewing." So, now I have one small cup a couple times a week, because I still enjoy the taste so much, and I'm totally satisfied with that. Did not see that coming!” -Annie G.

“My health/body/well-being was lacking drive. My biggest challenge was recovering my self-control. I feel amazing! I am now eating and leaning towards a plant-based diet. I am exercising, sleeping better and feeling in control. I'm so glad I participated! I feel re-energized, overall happier! Taking this session has reignited my need to get back on a healthy path. Thanks Lisa!” -Gail B.

“I’m less bloated and my favorite is no more cravings! I don’t have as big of portions and I’m satisfied.” -Peggy M.

“I’m super happy to report that my sugar cravings have totally disappeared. My energy levels are definitely more consistent. I also feel less bloated!” -Soni Lee

90 Day Total Transformation

“Lisa’s Total Transformation Program made me a better person. It allowed me to reconnect with my body, and I lost 10 lbs without dieting! I have more positive energy and I’m able to better support the other people in my life. I’ve noticed better rest. I drink more water than I ever did in my whole entire life, I’m conscious about ‘how’ I eat, I prioritize my needs, I work out and I look forward to it!  I recognize myself sabotaging habits and was able to work through them.” -Adel R.

"I'm always happy to learn more about my health and nutrition, so when I heard about the 90 Day Total Transformation I was excited to try it and I'm so happy I did!! This is not a "one size fits all" program, but rather Kerry works with me on how I can make changes to MY life, according to MY schedule, and MY likes and dislikes. Each week we meet, discuss how the past week went, set goals going forward, and make changes to past goals if necessary. This accountability makes a big difference. For me it wasn't about weight loss, but rather changing my unhealthy habits. The suggestions Kerry gives are small and simple tasks that can make an overall big change, so it's really easy to stick with! Plus, Kerry has taken the extra time to send me new recipes she thinks I'll like, meditation recordings, and lists of healthy snacks. She is always willing to hear me out and I've never felt judged - she keeps it real! I would recommend this program, and Kerry, to anyone!" -Kay

“I like the layout of the 12 private sessions, starting out with establishing my goals and giving them priority level. I like the actions steps that we come up with together, and the new content of each session. I find myself standing up for myself a lot more than ever before, I’m reading food labels and know what I’m looking for, I’m working out and adding more movement in my days at work. I lost over 10 lbs in 12 weeks, I’m more positive about things, I’m slowly but surely making myself a priority and now I don’t feel as guilty about it. I now know that my health and well being is important too.“ -Angela S.

“I have clearer skin! I’ve lost inches as a by product of this program, and I now have saggy butt jeans. My whole waist, butt, and chest are smaller. I really like this program because it focuses on the mind, body and spirit and it gives me lifestyle habits THAT LAST! Lisa was behind me cheering me on every step of the way.” -Leah D.

“I like how we begin each session, starting with something good makes me feel energized. I like that it’s not a sprint, and I also like the feeling of not beating myself up when something doesn’t go as planned. The sessions are all very interesting and encouraging. The accountability portion makes all the difference. Lisa helped me reached my goals – this program actually works!” -Maggie P.

"I have never worked with a health coach before Kerry. I felt nervous and didn't know what to expect.  Kerry instantly calmed those nerves. She has been absolutely amazing and has made the process so easy and enjoyable for me. I look forward to our weekly phone meetings. Kerry is very knowledgeable and helps me stay focused and on track. Kerry moves at a slow pace that is not overwhelming as you build your goals. A pace that will help your goals last and be part of your new healthy lifestyle. She is very helpful with her tips and suggestions and making them realistic for my individual needs. I've experienced so much growth in my nutrition and overall wellness working with Kerry as my health coach." -Misty 

“I’m used to quick fix methods, but this approach will be long lasting and sustainable. I’m making time for myself, and through this Total Transformation program, I realized that self care is really important and that health is not all about food. I lost more than 10 lbs, and I don’t have any flares in my hands since I reduced my caffeine and started eating better!” -Terra S.

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